Infant Care Curriculum

Our Infant Care Studio is aesthetically designed and safely-fitted to ensure optimal protection of infants. Coupled with professionally trained Infant Educarers in an extremely small staff-child ratio setting, our program centres on learning experiences which provide emergent, play situations where children make sense of things and people around them, investigate the world, form relationships and interactions.

We recognise our babies learn best when exposed to a variety of activities that fosters language development, listening and motor skills. Play for babies begin with reflexive action and exploration of their immediate world using their senses. Through sensory and embodiment play, babies develop an awareness of the body, self, risk taking and the confidence to explore and make choices is strengthened. In a relaxed setting, ball games accompanied with music between babies and Infant Educarers induce fun, foster a sense of rhythm and enhance coordination. Activities are introduced with props and puppets to encourage focus and capture the children's attention. Babies explore and experiment with a variety of percussion instruments. Peekaboo, Hide & Seek and a variety of musical activities help babies develop confidence. Our program exposes babies to a rich variety of language experiences in a fun and nurturing environment. Massage sessions foster bond between the babies and the Educarer. For babies, there is no substantive separation of motor, cognitive, communication or social & emotional development as development is happening concurrently.

When you drop your infant off at Faith Educare Centre each day, you will know your infant is in good hands, with great friends & qualified caregivers! We can assist you in making sure your infant gets a head-start on life, preparing him for our Playgroup, then throughout childcare years, primary school, and beyond.



7.00AM - 8.00AM Greeting, Health check ,Free play
8.00AM - 9.00AM Diaper check & change if needed
9.00AM - 10.00AM 1st Feed, short nap
10.00AM - 11.00AM Multi Sensory play
11.00AM - 12.00PM Bath time
12.00PM - 12.30PM 2nd Feed, diaper check & change if needed
12.30PM - 2.30PM Naptime/ Quiet Play Time
2.30PM - 3.00PM Free play
3.00PM - 4.00PM 3rd Feed, diaper check & change if needed
4.00PM - 5.00PM Massage Time
5.00PM - 6.00PM Music & Movement
6.00PM - 7.00PM 4th Feed Diaper check & change if needed
7.00PM - 8.00PM Multi Sensory Activity
8.00PM - 9.00PM Large Group Activity


7.00AM - 8.00AM Greeting, Health check, Free play
8.00AM - 9.00AM 1st Diaper check & Bath
9.00AM - 10.00AM Breakfast / Nap / Story Time
10.00AM - 11.00AM Multi Sensory play / Group Play to develop social skills
11.00AM - 12.00PM 2nd Diaper check
12.00PM - 1.00PM Bibs, Lunch on high chair
1.00PM - 2.00PM Change clothes, 3rd Diaper check
2.00PM - 3.00PM Nap time / Quiet Play Time
3.00PM - 3.30PM 4th Diaper check
3.30PM - 4.00PM High tea
4.00PM - 5.00PM Music & Movement / Art & Craft /Story Time
5.00PM - 6.00PM Bath / Outdoor / Walking or crawling exercises
6.00PM - 7.00PM Dinner / 5th Diaper check
7.00PM - 8.00PM Multi Sensory Activity
8.00PM - 9.00PM Large Group Activity