Playgroup and Nursery One Curriculum

From birth to the age 7 the human brain grows most rapidly relative to any other period in one’s life. The child’s neurological system develops new connections crucial to muscle control, sensory awareness, visual discrimination and language. By age 3, the child has gained basic control over his own body, and has begun to communicate through languages. The Nursery One child is ready for new experiences, for social interaction, and for the first formal training of mind, body and senses.

At Faith Educare Centre, we are grateful for the opportunity to impact our children’s lives. Contact us today! Let us show you how to make a difference in each child’s life!


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7.00AM - 8.30AM Health Check / Supervised Group Activity
8.30AM - 9.00AM Rest / Breakfast
9.00AM - 9.30AM Toileting / Assembly / Temperature check
9.30AM - 10.30AM Outdoor Play / Indoor Self - Discovery
10.30AM - 11.00AM English Language / Math / Science / Nature Study
11.00AM - 11.30AM Constructive / Manipulative / Free / Dramatic Play
11.30AM - 12.00PM Toileting / Lunch / Toothbrushing
12.00PM - 12.30PM Shower / Waterplay
12.30PM - 1.00PM Rest / Songs / Circle Time
1.00PM - 3.00PM Nap / Rest
3.00PM - 3.30PM Toileting / High Tea
3.30PM - 4.00PM Chinese Language Activity
4.00PM - 4.30PM Bilingual Arts & Crafts
4.30PM - 5.00PM Music & Movement
5.00PM - 5.30PM Shower / Rest
5.30PM - 6.00PM Toileting / Dinner
6.00PM - 6.30PM Games / Rhymes
6.30PM - 7.00PM Constructive / Manipulative / Free / Dramatic Play
7.00PM - 7.30PM Rhymes / Songs
7.30PM - 8.00PM Educational Videotime
8.00PM - 9.00PM Toileting / Clean-up / Rest / Home Sweet Home