Directors’s Message

Mrs Josephine Lim
Director of Faith Educare

Thank you for choosing Faith Educare Centre to underpin your child’s educational journey.  Established in 2000, our commitment to excellence in education and care has stood the test of 2 decades.  Within each child, each family and in every culture and society, the experience of childhood is a unique journey.  At Faith, each child is different and a capable learner and we look to each child to guide us as we learn together.  We pride ourselves on the experiences of our highly qualified educators talent scouted by us.

Children’s theories and developments are passions that have driven my colleagues and I to stay in this industry.  In the early years of a child’s life he develops self-confidence, self-worth and a sense of belonging.  Hence, an environment for self-select experiences is essential to enhance a child’s learning and his natural sense of curiosity.  Each child is encouraged to create, build and explore. Our emergent and inclusive curriculum, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, is tailored to meet the needs, skills and interests of children from all corners of the globe.  Exploration awakens a child’s learning, challenges his imagination, paves an avenue to problem solve and creates a sense of confidence to move through life and its adversities.  Our Educators are constantly in critical reflection to ensure that nothing short of a holistic curriculum addresses all areas of intent. Our programme is regularly assessed through evaluating our children’s responses and analysing our parents’ feedback.

If you are passing by, drop in to say hello and let us show you around.  Let us establish a secure, respectful and reciprocal relationship with your child. To our parents, we are in the light that the quality of our curriculum is only as good as the people who teach them.  That is why we talent scouted the best staff for your child.   To our staff, we set foot on this field not merely for the income, but more essentially for the outcome.  Let us not forget that we must unlearn, learn, and constantly seek improvement to keep ourselves abreast of the cutting edge of innovation and technology in today’s education.  To our children and alumni, the whole world is our classroom and every experience learning for life.  May I impress upon us to remember Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said:  “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Thank you!